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Trade Links

Search Engines are a great way for your pages to be found and subsequently trading links is a great way to increase your search engine rankings.  We have advised with some of the top search engine optimization companies and are placing the following link trade program in place.  If you follow the instructions we can trade links without any type of link farm penalty. 

*If you are interested in a reciprocal link, please use our contact form and include all of the following:

  • The URL and title of your web site.

  • Description of your site and services; (description; 250 characters max)

  • Theme page the you would like to be listed on

**The URL of the web page that has your link that points to our site.  

Please add our information to your site as listed below:

Female Orgasm and Climax Enhancer - V Cream
Offers female orgasm and climax enhancing gel.

Following this we will quickly add your link (within 24 hrs on weekdays) and description to our popular theme pages on our web site. We accept most quality websites

We will immediately email you with the URL of where your link and description can be found. You can also check the links page within a few days of your reciprocal link request.

Reciprocal links will benefit the both of us by improving our search engine rankings in most of the major search engines.  In addition, we are not direct competitors and therefore we will both enjoy higher rankings without jeopardizing our business. The more links we have pointing to our sites, the better our search engine position will be. -- So, let's trade links...

Precautions before we get started...

  • Be sure to place our link on a web page that has less than 30 other links (10 or less is even better) -- A page that has more than 30 links helps no one and can actually unnecessarily trigger a "link farm" penalty from some search engines...

Don't hide our link on a page that can't be found -- we're looking for legitimate links -- list us on a "Resources" or "Other Popular Sites" web page ...that is linked from your home page ...we'll do the same for you!


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